At A Glance

  • Saves you money by greatly reducing your PCI compliance burden
  • Seamless checkout experience by using your existing website design
  • Checkout page and all assets hosted securely behind SSL on our servers
  • Completely automated, with no manual customizations needed in most cases
  • Put simply, it provides the best hosted checkout page experience on the web

The Problem

We know how important it is to give your customers a seamless checkout experience. Historically, it’s been very hard to do that and let someone else deal with the hassles of PCI Compliance. A lot of merchants settle for PayPal or Google Checkout to ease their PCI compliance burden, but this is less than ideal. It disrupts the flow of the checkout process and prevents you from carrying over your branded website design onto the very page where your customers give you their money.

Say goodbye to PayPal, Google Checkout and other boring checkout page solutions. Say hello to Page Slurp by Mijireh.

The Solution

Page Slurp is a revolutionary new technology we created for you that can automatically “slurp” up your existing website design, secure it behind SSL on our servers and use it as a basis for your branded checkout page with Mijireh. Letting us host your checkout page for you will save you money because you will not have to spend money on SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses, quarterly security scans and more.

You might worried that if your buyers go to a different domain during the checkout process, that it will turn them off like it does with PayPal or Google Checkout. With your slurped checkout page hosted in Mijireh, the only way buyers will know anything is different is by looking in the address bar of their browser. The look and feel of the checkout page will be identical to the rest of your site. This has been shown to increase your conversion rates and it allows you to maintain your brand and design throughout the entire checkout experience.

You can even embed custom messages for your customers on your slurped checkout page to further enhance your checkout experience.

Here are just a couple examples of real live checkout pages using our Page Slurp technology:

How To Perform A Page Slurp

Mijireh Page Slurp using Cart66 from Cart66 on Vimeo.

There are a couple different ways you can initiate a Page Slurp. If you use a plugin such as Cart66 or WooCommerce, you can perform the slurping process from right inside the plugin. Otherwise, you can simply login to your Mijireh account and go to Settings > Checkout Page.

If you are using our built in slurping tool by logging into your Mijireh account, you just have to enter the URL of your checkout page and click Slurp It!. You will see a progress indicator informing you of the status of the slurping process.

Depending on the number of images and stylesheets included on your checkout page, this process could take up to 1 minute, possibly longer for pages with lots of assets. But don’t worry, if you decide to leave that page, the slurping process will continue in the background on our servers hosted by Mijireh.

Once the slurping process is complete, you should see a link to preview your checkout page. This opens your browser to your new secure checkout page in preview mode so that you can see exactly how it will look for your customers.

Further Customizations

Sometimes there may be minor styling changes you’ll want to make to override the default styles we provide for the checkout form. Our default styles mainly just do some reasonable positioning of the elements in the checkout form.

We are working on a detailed style guide that will help you with overriding our default styles. But for now you can inspect the HTML markup of the checkout form coupled with the checkout-slurp.css file that automatically gets included in all slurped checkout pages.

Bonus Features

If you are a developer building an integration or plugin for Mijireh using our API, you might be interested to know that you can pass along any arbritrary data necessary for orders in the form of meta_data. One of the nice ways you can use this meta data is to have custom messages automatically inserted into a slurped checkout page.

For example, if you were to pass something like this as meta_data when posting the order:

"meta_data" : { "some-custom-message" : "Hi Bob" }

And if the slurped checkout page had a placeholder named {{some-custom-message}} anywhere in the HTML markup, that placeholder will get replaced with the custom message on that specific order. This opens up many possibilities for further customizing the checkout experience.