Getting Started With WooCommerce And Mijireh Checkout

  1. Copy your access key into the Mijireh settings in WooCommerce
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Enter your payment gateway settings
  4. Go live
  5. Quick help

Access Key

After creating your account you will be on the Dashboard screen where you will find your Access Key. Copy and paste your access key into the Mijireh Settings panel in WooCommerce.

Email Confirmation

Make sure you confirm your email address. If you need the confirmation email to be sent again, you can click on the email confirmation button in the launch pad.

Payment Gateway

Click on Settings —> Gateways and enter the API credentials for the payment gateway you will be using

Go Live

After configuring your payment gateway credentials you are ready to go live. Just click the “Go Live” button.

Quick Help

If you run into any questions when using Mijireh, take a look at the Quick Help which is always available in the right corner of the screen.