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A Match Made In A Dojo Somewhere in Heaven

Mijireh combines a worldclass Wordpress e-commerce plugin with support for over 90 payment gateways in 69 countries delivering a rock-solid, PCI compliant hosted checkout solution.

Now you can take your WooCommerce checkout page to the cloud and not have to worry about transmitting card holder data from your website.

What’s the big deal?!

Most people think that if they have a SSL certificate (i.e. there’s a lock in the browser) then they are PCI Compliant. Not true. Did you know that if you have FTP access to your website, then you are automatically disqualified from being PCI Compliant (SAQ C). Also, if your database server is on the same machine as your web server (most are), you also can’t pass the PCI test.

Woo No Pci Woo With Pci Woo With Mijireh

How to setup Mijireh with WooCommerce

Setup is simple with these quick & easy steps


Copy your access key

After creating your account you will be on the Dashboard screen where you will find your Access Key. Copy and paste your access key into the Mijireh Settings panel in WooCommerce.


Confirm your email address

Make sure you confirm your email address. If you need the confirmation email to be sent again, you can click on the email confirmation button in the launch pad.


Enter your payment gateway settings

Click on Settings —> Gateways and enter the API credentials for the payment gateway you will be using.


Go live

After configuring your payment gateway credentials you are ready to go live. Navigate to the Billing Info page and enter your billing information. Then, when you are ready to accept live credit card payments, just click the “Go Live” button and your store will be live and in business.

If you run into any questions when using Mijireh, take a look at the Quick Help which is always available in the right corner of the screen.