The main service we offer is called Mijireh Hosted Checkout which provides a secure hosted checkout page to safely collect and transfer your customer’s credit card information to your payment gateway (Stripe,, etc.) All the payment gateways integrations are included as well as all the security you need to make your store PCI compliant.

Mijireh Hosted Checkout costs $49/year, no transaction fees.

Mijireh Hosted Checkout is the only hosted checkout service that literally clones your web site’s design so that your secure payment page, which is hosted on our secure cloud, looks exactly like the rest of your web site. We recognize that setting up our service is easy for some, but daunting for others. So, we offer an optional Professional Setup service.

The Pro Setup includes:

  • Making sure your e-commerce solution is connected to your Mijireh account
  • Checking your e-commerce setup for common errors related to our service
  • Slurping (cloning) your website’s design onto your secure checkout page
  • Checking your slurped page for correctness compared to your site and fixing any problems
  • Checking for any CSS conflicts between your theme and the Mijireh checkout form
  • Fixing the slurped page for these conflicts
  • Making sure the slurped page is https secure resulting in an SSL lock in the browser
  • Fixing any problems causing the SSL lock to fail*

*The HTTPS requirements in web browsers are not all the same and may change from time to time. We can only guarantee the HTTPS secure lock based upon the standards in place at the time the Pro Setup is performed for the current versions of the following web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer

Pro Setup Disclaimer

  • Mijireh does not make any guarantee about your page getting an https lock if the Pro Setup service is not used.
  • Mijireh does not guarantee that every theme will get cloned correctly with each slurp.

Our Pro Setup service is guaranteed to give you acceptable results or your money back.