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Avoid the hassle and expense of security scans, SSL certificates, and all the other issues concerning PCI compliance. Let us handle PCI compliance so you can focus on your business.

Use Your Own Design

Your code secured on our servers

Mijireh Checkout is your PCI compliant checkout page that looks exactly like your site – your code secured on our servers. Our page slurp technology makes it as easy as one click.

Use Your Gateway

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Use the payment gateway you already have or get started with new one. Mijireh Checkout supports a growing list of over 80 payment gateways all included for FREE!

Top 5 Reasons Merchants Fail to Meet PCI Requirements

What is the PCI DSS?

Why should you care?

Businesses believe they have purchased PCI compliant systems, but ultimately have not. To the right a graph detailing a few of the most common breaches for each PCI requirement.

Track/Monitor Network Access


No Vendor Passwords


Encrypted Transmissions


Develop Secure Systems and Apps


Maintain a Firewall


Source: Trustwave Global Security Report 2011: Payment Card Industry Compliance – Origin of Attack

What’s the big deal?

Most people think that if they have a SSL certificate (i.e. there’s a lock in the browser) then they are PCI Compliant. Not true. Did you know that if you have FTP access to your website, then you are automatically disqualified from being PCI Compliant (SAQ C). Also, if your database server is on the same machine as your web server (most are), you also can’t pass the PCI test.