WordPress Payment Gateways For Everyone

By April 19, 2013 Updates No Comments

For over a year we’ve been helping people quickly and easily add security to their WordPress e-commerce website. People have been really happy about the service, not needing to hassle with SSL certificate and not having to pay extra money for add-on WordPress plugins for payment gateways. Another great feature people have enjoyed is being able to easily change from using one gateway to using another as they are able to find better rates or services from different payment gateway providers. The biggest problem has been that Mijireh did not have support for all the payment gateways people wanted to use. Today we have introduced support for 93 Payment Gateways in 69 countries.

This is a huge boost in payment gateway availability making Mijireh the most comprehensive solution for WordPress e-commerce in terms of the number of payment gateways and countries supported. All 93 payment gateways are included for no additional cost.

Not only does Mijireh have 93 payment gateways, it also supports 69 countries opening up Mijireh and WordPress e-commerce to a large international audience. The next thing that we are going to need is translations for the secure checkout page. Currently the checkout page is available in English only but we want to greatly expand that for our friends who would prefer other languages. So, if you are bilingual, please help us translate the checkout page.

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